Thank you for attending and participating in Ericsson's 5G North American Workshop. We heard from our speakers who offered perspectives from a wide range of organizations and companies across the 5G ecosystem. They represented a diverse set of companies, universities and government organizations thinking about 5G. We appreciate their interest in sharing ideas and exchanging insights on a variety of topical subjects including updates on standardization efforts, enabler technologies, network management, and spectrum allocation. Again, cheers to everyone who helped make our 5G North American Workshop a huge success.




The History and Future of 5G

Chetan Sharma, Chetan Sharma Consulting

Ericsson Keynote

Erik Ekudden, Ericsson

Qualcomm® Keynote

 Durga Malladi, Qualcomm

5G Standards Panel Discussion

John Smee, Qualcomm
Jeff Zhuang, Intel Corporation

5G New Technologies Panel Discussion

Mikael Höök, Ericsson
Sundeep Rangan, NYU Wireless

5G and Spectrum Discussion

Chris Helzer, FCC

Small Company Showcase

Joel Brand, Kumu Networks
Joy Laskar, Maja Systems
John Smith, LiveAction
 Helen Kim, NanoSemi

5G and the Internet of Things

Jan Rabaey, Berkeley

5G Applications Panel Discussion

Gaurav Bansal, Toyota InfoTechnology Center, USA

Alternative Deployments Panel Discussion

Ying Feria, Boeing



5G Spotlight

What 100 Operators Really Think about 5G

5G Plug-ins



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