That's a wrap! Dodi Axelson walks us through the highlights of #CES2017 from the Ericsson Skybox. Now on to Mobile World Congress in Barcelona!


Dr. Brenda Connor talks about connected mangroves, and how IoT can provide a more efficient way to re-forestation at CES 2017


Ericsson ConsumerLab's Rebecka Cedering Ångström discusses the top ten hot consumer trends for 2017 at CES 2017


Telstra's Mike Wright joined Ericsson at #CES2017.


Ericsson's CES 2017 partner AerNow joins us to talk the future of motor sports entertainment


Joining Ericsson in the Skybox: Gary Shapiro, CEO of the Consumer Technology Association, and host of CES 2017.


Volvo Cars' David Holecek joins Ericsson in the Skybox to talk about improving in-vehicle connectivity.


Simone Giertz, the Queen of Shitty Robots, visits the Ericsson booth at CES 2017.


NASCAR visits Ericsson's CES 2017 booth to discuss new developments in motor sports entertainment.


Hanno Basse, CTO of Fox Films, joins us at CES 2017 to talk 5G.


Ericsson's Head of Business Unit Network Services, Fredrik Jejdling, comes to us live from CES 2017


Sherif Hanna of Qualcomm speaks with Ericsson about this morning's keynote, 1GB LTE, and our partnership at CES 2017


Ericsson and Cisco share more on their partnership at CES 2017


Niklas Heueveldop, Ericsson's Chief Customer Officer, joins us at CES 2017


Live from CES 2017 with Intel and Ericsson, discussing virtual reality and 5G.


Ericsson's Chief Strategy and Technology Officer, Ulf Ewaldsson, talks 5G and more at CES 2017.


Why CES 2017 is a precursor to Mobile World Congress with Helena Norrman, Chief M&C Officer.


Thanks for joining our livestreams during day one on CES 2017! Here's a recap of the highlights


Scania Group's Hakan Schildt and Ericsson's Staffan Wallin share their insights from  CES 2017.


Kasim Alfalahi, CEO of Avanci, and Gustav Brismark, Ericsson's Head of IPR & Licensing, share their insights from CES 2017.


Ina Fried of Recode chats with Ericsson from the CES 2017 show floor.


David Kirkpatrick, Founder and CEO of Techonomy, tells us what's missing from CES 2017.


Andy Penn, CEO of Telstra, an Australian telecommunications and media company, joins Ericsson live on the CES 2017 show floor.


Alex Choi, CTO, SK Telecom 캠퍼스리포터, shares his insights on the future of 5G.

CES LIVE - 10 Hot Consumer Trends of 2017


Volvo announces partnership with Microsoft & Ericsson to bring Skype for Business in their new 90's Series

Volvo Cars, the premium car maker, has announced that it will introduce Skype for Business, Microsoft’s leading collaborative productivity app, to its new 90 Series cars. Volvo Cars is the first carmaker to launch such an in-car productivity tool.


Ulf Ewaldsson reflects on 2016

Ericsson has achieved encouraging progress in 5G standardization in 2016, with industry use cases, and live field trials. Big efforts in research and development, but also industry-wide collaborations are behind the fantastic evolution. The movement is set to continue throughout 2017 and our ambition is to be a leader in terms of our contribution to technological innovation as well as aligning the ICT industry.


Prepare for the New Year with Ericsson’s 10 Hot Consumer Trends of 2017

Ericsson ConsumerLab today released the 10 Hot Consumer Trends for 2017. These are key insights based on an online survey of advanced internet users from across the world, representing 27 million citizens, building a profile to help us understand upcoming technology trends.  
What can we expect for 2017? First and foremost, it will be the age of virtual reality, and more than 40 percent of those surveyed would like a computer with VR/AR as its main interface. But to make this and our 10 trends a reality, developers need to fill consumers’ demand for battery-friendly, high speed, near-zero latency connectivity. And the secret ingredient for this reality? 5G.
As we prepare for CES 2017, take a moment to explore Ericsson’s 10 Hot Consumer Trends and consider how 5G will bring them to fruition. Visit our booth from January 5-8 to see the whole 5G picture – from concept to reality.